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***** Great Album with Creativity and Sensitivity

Leroy Jones is the epitome of New Orleans trumpet excellence and his latest album is one of the finest to come from the Crescent City. Hard to believe, Leroy's incredible chops are getting more intricate and sophisticated --- this from an artist who performs around the world with critical and popular acclaim. Adding to his individual solos are the talents of brilliant musicians and jazz artists who are outstanding in their own right.

P. Averbuck WWOZ "Jelly Roll Justice"
March 24, 2009


***** Charismatic, creative

Charismatic, creative, cutting edge trumpeter Leroy Jones' latest, lush, lovely! project is a collective of gorgeous standards, portrayed with his familiar, shaken not stirred, artfully, articulate, soulful enthusiasm. Don't let his easeless?(is that a word?), use of the entire range from the lowest notes to the extreme upper register, notwithstanding his gift for epigrammatic melodic phrasing, fool you! You will love the, bluesy, "Willow Weep For me" and if, indeed, Life is Not Always Fair"?  by purchasing this album, the benefit you will experience from the addition of lush strings to Leroy's honed horn and choice of material, will open you to a new language and dimension in his career - you will truly experience life to be sweeter than a summer breeze. . . . . don't get left behind!

'The Bed-Stuy JazzupbeatimprovisingTimes'
March 27, 2009


***** Applauding wildly

Leroy Jones is one of the greatest trumpet players to come out of the city that has produced more great trumpet players than anywhere else. Extraordinarily accomplished, polished and poised as a musician and composer, he's also that rarest and most precious of performers: a brilliant improvisationalist. It comes from deep in his heart, reaches out to people accustomed to sitting on their hands, grabs them by the gut and lifts them out of their seats, applauding wildly. I've been lucky enough to have seen it many times. This album is Mr. Jones' most refined recording to date. Gorgeously arranged, flawlessly performed and altogether a joy to experience.

Royal Insider Ltd
March 20, 2009


***** A Trumpet with Heart and Soul

Leroy Jones outdoes himself with his latest album. His commanding performances on the trumpet are complemented nicely by his outstanding arrangements. Not to be ignored is the A-list of musicians that he's gathered to be a part of this album... all blending together with the subtle feeling and soul that has become so natural to this son of the Crescent City. If you are a devoté of Jazz or if you just want to loose yourself in music that transports you to another time and place, then this album is a must have. Excellent in every way... you will not be disappointed!



***** Great tone

"Jones is a fine musician with good taste and a great tone."

David Pulizzi, Managing Editor, JAZZIZ Magazine
March 30, 2009


***** Fantastic!

"The CD is fantastic! I'll be programming every track over time. This is the kind of project that every artist should aspire to."

Dan Joseph, Smooth Jazz/CKWR-FM, Waterloo, Canada
March 29, 2009


***** A perfect album for the times

First off, let me confess a bias -- I think Leroy Jones is one of the best trumpeters ever to come out of the city of New Orleans. His appearances with Harry Connick, Jr. were the highlights of those shows for me and his string of CDs have been just brilliant in experimenting with various themes and traditions in New Orleans music. Having said that, I really believe this is his strongest collection to date. A beautiful collection of traditional songs along with some outstanding originals. This album works on so many levels, a great set of romantic tunes with very lush strings that's a wonderful accompaniment to a bottle and wine and candlelight. As well as strong, moody commentary on the times. All the jazz greats had their "with strings" album and I put this album in that category.

Peter4NOLA "New Orleans Jazz Lover"
March 20, 2009


***** Too beautiful for words

Leroy Jones is an incredible musician with his own pristine sound. I interviewed Leroy on WWOZ and played the new cd and there were so many calls from folks really loving it. Also the staff came drifting in saying they could not work as they were carried away by the music... as was myself... Mary Pat vanTine,  DJ for WWOZ

Marypat Vantine
March 20, 2009



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