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New Orleans, October 23, 2005

We’ve been back in the city since October 12. With very mixed emotions. The French Quarter and some other areas are almost back to normal but a lot of areas look like war zones. Broken houses, downed trees, brown grass, flies, stink from the floodwater… Our apartment in Gentilly took about 5 feet of water and is a filthy mess. The smell is indescribable and so many things have been totally destroyed. The first time seeing it was a shock and every time going back since then has been quite depressing. But we’ve been able to salvage more things than we initially thought so I guess we are luckier than many other people.

On a brighter note, many of the clubs have reopened and we’ve had some fun nights at the Palm Court and Donna’s. A lot of the restaurants are open again and the weather has been picture perfect. And the city still is SO beautiful even as wounded as it is.

I will post some new information and pictures later, so please check the site soon again!

Take care,

Katja : )


Gentilly 14.10, 2005


French Quarter, 14.10.2005
Mail to Washington


French Quarter, 14.10.2005
Greetings to FEMA


Going inside for the first time, 14.10.2005
Jasmine Street, Gentilly


Our living room


Bed room




Back room


Counter top


Cleaning crew




Donna's Bar & Grill, 15.10.2005
The club's 13th anniversary


Coop's, 14.10.2005


Donna's Bar & Grill, 15.10.2005
Rob Espino, Craig Klein, Karl Helwick, Mayumi Shara,
Steve Blailock, Leroy Jones, Bernie Attridge, Satoru Ohashi


Donna's Bar & Grill, 15.10.2005


Donna's Bar & Grill, 15.10.2005


Donna's Bar & Grill, 15.10.2005
Mayumi Shara, Steve Blailock


Destroyed CDs, Jasmine Street, 19.10.2005


Our belongings, 19.10.2005


Flooded CDs, 19.10.2005


Palm Court Jazz Cafe, 19.10.2005
Lars Edegran, Clive Wilson, Leroy Jones, Chuck Badie, Katja
Toivola, Mayumi Shara


Our future home... hopefully, 21.10.2005


Roof damage of St. Augustine Church
Tremé, 19.10.2005


Collapsed house, St. Claude Avenue
Tremé, 19.10.2005




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